Northampton Diwali Show 2018

The ‘Holiday’ season is in full swing now, with all the trick or treaters out of the way Northampton celebrated their 18th year of the Northampton Diwali show in the Market square last Saturday. Organisers and stalls holders were up at the crack of dawn setting up for the fun-filled day and the Inspiration FM Team were able to capture it all. The Indian Hindu Welfare Organisation not only organised a wonderful show, which showcased a range of different talents from traditional Dhol Performances to Irish Dancing but they also had a selection of stalls. There was plenty of food and drink stalls around selling authentic and traditional Indian cuisine so that people could enjoy some tasty food whilst watching the performances throughout the day.

It didn’t stop there, we then all witnessed a bright and colourful parade which took over Northampton town. Children from different schools including the Northampton Gujarati School walked through the town with multicoloured lanterns. The children from the Gujarati School reenacted the story of Ram and Sita telling the story behind Diwali and the story of good over evil. The parade also included giant moving lanterns of  Ram, Sita, Hanuman and the Elephant which represents many different aspects of the Hindu religion. The Parade then returned to the Market square whereby the Mayor of Northampton alongside the other dignitaries gave the honours of turning on the lights.

To see more videos and pictures from the Northampton Diwali Show check out our social’s!

Finally Happy Diwalii

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