BBC Studios Tour

Last Saturday the Young people at Inspiration FM had the opportunity to go on down for a tour at the BBC Studios up in Birmingham. Whilst they were there, they learnt more about how the BBC operates, in various aspects from visiting the BBC Asian Network set to seeing the Arches Drama set.

Whilst visiting the Asian Network Studio, they had the opportunity to see where all the magic happens. They saw where the producers sit and conduct a live radio show and also how they monitor their shows. While they were there they learnt about the producer to presenter intercom system and also gained a wider understanding of the multiple things a producer has to do. They learnt about all the monitors and the complex radio desk and what it takes to produce a live radio show at the BBC.

BBC Asian Network has a targeted crowd which is typically young British Asians, just like radio one extra and so on they have a job to address issues that people in these targeted areas face on a daily basis in order to voice their concerns and opinion. This was great for the young volunteers to see as we at Inspiration FM also have many targeted shows from a Student Show to an Irish Show. They were able to learn and understand more of the importance of creating content which is specifically designed for specific shows. Not only did they have the opportunity of seeing the radio studios, but they were also shown around the newsroom and found out some of the BBC secrets like the importance of lighting in the studios and how everything works behind the camera.

They even had the chance to visit the set of the Archers and find out how everything is set up and learn all about sound artist how what role they play in creating the show. Throughout the day the young people of Inspiration FM learnt many techniques and secrets which go into producing and creating radio shows to TV shows. This opportunity gave them the ability to learn more about broadcasting and help widen their knowledge. At the end of the tour, many of them got involved in performing a radio play, which was a lovely way to end their experience at the BBC. This is just one of the opportunities of young volunteers get to experience working here at Inspiration FM.

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