Let’s Tackle Knives Discussion

Earlier this month, the production team here at Inspiration FM had the opportunity to go on down to the Let’s Tackle Knives, round table discussion Event at the Christ United Pentecostal Ministries. The community came together to discuss some of the issues which they are currently facing in order to tackle them and try to resolve some of the big issues.

A few people who were part of the Panel were Councillor Anna King, Sgt Beth Curlett and Sally Keeble alongside many more. The community were able to really communicate to those who have power over changing the community in order to make Northamptonshire a lot safer. They bought up many different topics from Protection, Money/ Finance to belonging and having a network ‘family’.

Throughout the discussion, many had the chance voiced their opinion on what concerns they have in and around Northampton. It was great to see so many of the youth getting involved and voicing their opinion on these issues. Many of the youngsters alongside many parents spoke up about educating the kids and said how “it starts from home as well… we need to know where our children are”. Whilst others believed that the police need to do more to help with Knife related crimes, suggesting that people need to feel comfortable with giving up their weapons without there being any repercussions. Councillor Anna King mentioned how she would work alongside the police to help make this change in the community.

If you have any concerns and want to be a part of this round table discussion then follow the Christ United Church on all Social account or go on down to their Church which is located at 254  Wellingborough Road, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN1 4EJ to find out when the next meeting is commencing.

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