Homeless Charity becomes Homeless

Over 4,000 people sign a petition to save the Northampton Hope Centre


Northampton Hope Centre located at the Oasis House has been working at getting the homeless off the street to help them build a better life for themselves for years now. From advising them on ways to find work, giving them a safe environment to lay their heads down at night to offering food and support on a daily basis. The Hope Centre has been one of the leading homeless charities in Northampton which has really made a huge difference in many people’s lives. Some people who used the Hope Centre have said: “I can honestly say with my hand in my heart the centre saved my life”.


Midland Heart, the Hope Centre’s Landlord has given the Hope Centre a twelve-month evacuation notice to relocate. Reporter Sam had the opportunity to speak to Midland Heart. It has been made clear that they are aware of all the help and support that the Hope Centre provides and want to be able to assist them with helping more people. David Taylor the chairman of Midland Heart says, “As the number of people with nowhere to live continues to grow our priority is to provide as much accommodation for the homeless, with access to dedicated support, as possible”.


The Landlord at Midland Heart has recognised the need for providing more accommodation to the homeless, and they are looking to extend the shelter. They currently supply 48 self-contained rooms, dedicated communal space, and kennels for dogs so that those sleeping on the street can bring their pets in as well. Mr Taylor expressed his concerns and stated that “We have reviewed the accommodation we provide at Oasis House with those who depend on it in mind and identified a need to increase the specialist accommodation and support available to help homeless men and women move on with their lives”.


The Hope Centre, on the other hand, say that twelve months isn’t enough time and also say in order to move they will need to raise £300,000 pounds which aren’t doable in a year. This may result in the Homeless Charity becoming homeless. The Northampton Borough Council has offered the Hope Centre aid with finding new accommodation. Midlands heart has also said “We would very much want to work with the Hope Centre to help them to relocate and continue with their service, enabling Midland Heart to provide more accommodation for homeless people. We see this as a win/win situation for Northampton.”


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