How to Drive in windy weather

Driving when there are high winds should be avoided wherever possible. But if you can’t avoid getting in the car during a storm, here are some tips you should follow. How to drive in high winds Parking tips to avoid damage What to do in case of flooding How to drive safely in windy weather If you can’t avoid driving in a storm, keep the following tips in mind: 1 – Drive slowly High winds will affect handling and braking. Driving slowly will help you to maintain control of your…

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Mark Dean talks to Sarah Anderson Rawlins


Selected from thousands of nominations, Sarah Anderson Rawlins has been honoured as one of 102 Pearson National Teaching Silver Award winners across the country. Sarah was honoured with a Silver Award in The Award for Excellence in Special Needs Education for her outstanding commitment to changing the lives of the children she works with every day.She’s been speaking to Radio Presenter Mark Dean Listen to the interview on our Youtube Channel

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